Friday, February 6, 2009

On reflection

This was the second attempt at the lift fan and duct. The fan was just too small. We are now using a four bladed 34inch fan, home made from Universal Hovercraft plans. My plan was to build a hovercraft without using fiberglass & resin and it can be done, just not on my budget.

This is a shot of the air directer underneath to help the air to the back of the craft.

On the back you can see our first attempt at our thrust system. A 3ft 12 blade aluminium fan.

And here are the rest of our attempts at ducts or the rings thereof. We 've had the 3ft fan, a 5ft UH prop and now we have a 6ft7inch prop - also UH prop - but cut and stretched a bit.

This is Wind Dancer in 2007, before her refit. We found she was a bit on the heavy side and would'nt climb out of the hole or over the hump. So I started looking at making a bigger thrust prop. I'd actually got half way through cutting a wider chord 5ft prop when I discovered a variable reverse pitch propeller on U tube. This would be a great thing to have- brakes on a hovercraft!! It took a great deal of thought, but I designed a hub for myself. With some help from some friends to turn me up some things and work out how to put it all together - hey presto! Six months later we now had a variable pitch reverse hub. A further 18 months and 4 different blade types down the track we are getting very close now. More photos soon

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